He Rides Out To The Field To Help His Cow Give Birth And Makes A SHOCKING Discovery.

Multiple births are always a phenomenon, no matter the species. Well, some species that lay a lot of eggs get glanced over, but when a woman gives birth to eight kids… give her a reality show! We’re fascinated by how many offspring can cram themselves in a womb like people used to stuff themselves in phone booths. Kids: Ask your parents what a phone booth was. This story about a pregnant cow is up there.

This cow, whose name is No. 15 – yes, she was merely assigned a number – was out in a field in Texas and was showing signs of labor. The town vet was dispatched to help her along the way with giving birth. He got there… and found that she had already pushed out three calves and was in the middle of birthing a fourth. He later joked to the news that this was the most credit he got for doing so little work.

While it’s pretty cool that she could birth that many, it’s not a record. Other cows have had five calves a time. It’s interesting to see what they looked like when pregnant with that many. Maybe like she was holding all her methane gas and bloated. The video said that No. 15’s calves were fragile but they were getting round-the-clock care from town volunteers and were doing just fine. They were named Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and (get ready to groan) Moo.

I just can’t fathom what it would be like to carry around that many living things. The heaviest thing I’ve carried in my belly was an entire cheese pizza, so I can’t really empathize. I do think that No. 15 deserves her own reality show, though. It would be a lot more interesting than many things we see on the tv. How’s “The Pregnancy Scene with No. 15?”

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