It’s Right About That Time When Elephants Need To Start Practicing For The Elephant Olympics!

Elephants are quite simply awesome! They have so many similarities with humans that it hurts me when I hear stories about elephant poaching around the world. Killing these beautiful animals for their ivory is despicable. These majestic creatures have every right to live. If you need a reminder of why elephants rock, watch the video!

Faa Mai is a teenage elephant and her dreams are to be a world-renowned gymnast! Her particular routine is in ribbon dancing and she’s been practicing hard at it. She’s not only got the aerial game down, but also the ground game. She gets on her side and makes a perfect circle around her. Even the elephant next to her can’t help but be impressed!

My favorite moment though was not during the performance, but when her elephant buddy came along for a hug and she stopped right away and embraced him. It was so cute! What did you think of Faa Mai’s skills? Let us know below!

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