Righteous Judge Believes in An Eye for An Eye – You Better Behave in His District!

How can we get offenders to stop committing crimes? Better yet, how do we send to jail only those who need to go — such as abusers? This judge has the answer.

These have been many of the most intriguing and troubling questions on many people’s minds around the country. We all know we already have an overpopulation problem in prisons, so let’s make sure just those who really need to be locked up go there and stay there.


Frequently, first-time offenders get time in prison for petty crimes. This makes them experience prison for the first time, often quite young. This makes a judge rethink sentencing. When judges are forced to handle certain cases, they are forced to dish out unusual punishments. They need to get their point across.

The judge in our video has developed a new form of sentencing. This has earned him a reputation for coming up with unique punishments for those who find themselves in his courtroom. Because of his innovative approach to the law, his sentencing always goes viral when it comes to abusers — oh, and identity thieves, too, but stay on track: According to the judge, it is important to take each case as its own entity.

His punishments are not cruel; they are just. Many people have landed in his courtroom and have been given a way out, but for many more, they get something worse than prison. This is a judge who shows what justice is about.