Ring Bearer And The Flower Girl Steal The Limelight At A Wedding

The announcer at a wedding part announces that three kids will come in to dance for the guests. First, a little boy, the Ring Bearer, comes in and makes his fancy dance moves. Just then, Harper, the Flower Girl, walks in and starts dancing to “Turn Down For What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon. The third child did not appear at all during their performance

The Flower Girl stands in the same place and does small shakes, as well as lip sings while the song is playing. The little boy, however, is moving everywhere on the dance floor! The little boy’s dance moves include breakdance, the worm move, and ends with a cartwheel. The Flower Girl also has an ace up her sleeve. She ends her dance with splits.

The guests can be seen taking photos and clapping along while the children danced. Both kids’ dances are loved by the guests who cheered, stood up, and applauded for their brilliant performance. These kids were very confident. It was an excellent show of their talent.