Robert Irwin Brings Cute Baby Cervils And A Baby Camel On Jimmy Fallon

On a recent ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,’ Robert Irwin visited Jimmy, bringing with him a baby camel fond of kisses, a sugar glider looking to escape, and a set of peppered cockroaches that never wanted to leave. Wednesday the baby camel took a particular liking to Jimmy and gave him a kiss.

The first animal Robert Irwin brought to share with the audience was a sugar glider named Maverick. Maverick was less interested in meeting Jimmy and more interested in escaping his confinement. Next, Robert brought out a set of peppered cockroaches, and these guys really wanted to make the Tonight Show set their forever home.

Lastly, Robert introduced Jimmy to two more fuzzy types of creatures. There were three baby servals who loved to play with their toys, and Wednesday the baby dromedary camel. Jimmy and Wednesday shared a touching moment when they basically kissed, and Robert explained that camels don’t spit at people, they actually vomit their food.