Rock Legend Rips Into Media For Bashing Tim Tebow. What He Said Next Interested Me.

There are fewer people out there who have been a lightning rod for controversy than Tim Tebow, aside from a recent President-elect. People think that Tebow was run out of the NFL for his outspoken Christian views. It couldn’t have been the fact that a dying duck had more grace in the air than his throws. No, people latched onto the Christian angle and even a Jewish man by the name of Gene Simmons came to Tebow’s defense. He was also trying to get him to come to his Arena Football league so take that with a grain of salt.

Though here is where I part a bit from Simmons said. Yes, people did disparage Tebow for what he did on the field. But there is not a war on Christianity going on here. What it seems like is that Christians have been so used to having everything go their way that any attempt for another religion to have a foothold in society is met with anger and screaming. I could go on for pages here about this, but I’ll spare you.

One thing that angers me is that anybody who disagrees with a conservative point of view is branded a ‘liberal.” Even those who are more moderate than anything are being painted with the “liberal” brush. TV stations like Fox, from which this clip is from, have been pushing that narrative for decades. So, critical thinking seems to have been ground to dirt while conversations are now deadlocked with neither side willing to budge.

Tebow, as we all know, didn’t take the offer to go to Arena Football. He’s currently a Minor Leaguer in the Mets farm system and a part-time analyst for college football. Simmons is still out there making money. We’re still in this quicksand of neither side being able to talk to each other. It’s getting to the point that I don’t even think someone like Tim Tebow can save us all. Something has to change.

Did you agree with Simmons? I thought that while he was very well-spoken, it also seemed like he was catering to the audience that he was with. It just seemed too smooth and pat. What did you think? Please leave a comment below… with NO insults to either side.

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