Roller Skater Performs on Hard Floor to Whitney Houston Hit

Roller skater dances to a Whitney Houston song like she’s on the ice turf. Ms. Casaretto proves that she can make those amazing moves even when it’s a hard floor.

You have seen a lot of skaters performing on ice in the Olympics. Their measured moves are so charismatic and precise that you wonder how they do that. Also, you are sure that such a performance is only possible on an ice floor. After all, those slides and glides require more or less some support from the turf as well.

Luna Casaretto, a roller skater, is, however, used to performing on hard floors, and she is quite good at this. She is perhaps one of the best as the floor type doesn’t make a difference to her performance. Just look how she was dancing to this Whitney Houston Classic. Luna’s flexibility was so well choreographed that for a moment, you wouldn’t believe whether she was on ice or not.