Rookie pitcher notches first win in major leagues. Watch his dad and baby afterwards.

Becoming a professional athlete is a goal of millions of boys and girls all over the country. It’s one that’s attained only by a small fraction of those kids. It’s not an easy climb for them, especially in baseball. They may have to play for years in the Minor Leagues before getting called up to the Majors. Then there’s the matter of actually playing in a game. This video shows how a parent and child can share the same dream when it is realized.

The Sept. 7, 2016 game was over, rookie pitcher Trevor Williams had entered in relief of a Pirates pitcher named Jameson Taillon and pitched enough innings to get the win in Pittsburgh’s 4-3 victory over St. Louis. Not only was it a win against a hated division rival, but this was Trevor’s first game in the Majors. He had just been called up recently, since September is the time of year when all Major League teams expand their rosters.

Trevor’s dad, Richard, was beside himself as he watched his son hug his wife and son. You could see that he was near tears several times and he was saying, “I’m so proud of you.” The rookie hurler handed his dad the game ball and it was all he could do not to lose it. These two have a special bond, you can see that. The rest of the family came over to celebrate with him before the clip ended.

Richard’s tears were probably a combination of two things: pride at his son’s making the Major Leagues, and relief that years and years of work had finally paid off in this moment. Trevor will have to show this video to his son when he’s older, because that baby was out cold when he hugged his wife. Now he’s got a goal – stay in the Majors for a very long time. They might have another moment at his retirement ceremony.

Wasn’t this whole scene so sweet? I admit that I had to hold back tears while watching this too. How about you? Didn’t you think it was awesome? Please leave your comments below!