Do You Have Room? An acapella rendition of a mom’s Christmas song

James Case, Jake Despain, Kevin Jones, Paul Hansen, Dan Kartchner and Shayne Taylor are the “Eclipse 6,” a highly impressive a capella group. The six singers first met at Utah State University, where they began performing their own all-vocal versions of popular songs. Their performances, both on and off campus, didn’t go unnoticed and before long they’d released their first album. The next year, they caught a big break, landing featured spots in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City. The Eclipse 6 have since been on tour at home and abroad, have won a number of awards, and released more albums.

The Eclipse 6 have plenty of experience with Christmas music. This year’s treat is a superb music video of the song “Do You Have Room?”

Shawna Edwards is the full-time mom and part-time songwriter who composed “Do You Have Room?” The song’s success came as a bit of a surprise to her: “I wrote this song for my family and sang it to them on Christmas Eve. I couldn’t have imagined then that it would be sung around the world, from small town churches to outdoor pageants to European cathedrals… and my favorite place of all: front rooms and family rooms. I hope it inspires you to make more room for Him this Christmas — and always.”

The music video shifts between three different settings. In some shots, it’s the members of Eclipse 6 singing amid a lovely, snowy wintertime landscape. There are cuts to scenes from the life of Jesus, including of course the Holy Family being turned down by innkeepers and eventually having to seek shelter in a manger. Other cuts take us to contemporary scenes, often centered on people in need being given help. It’s all tied together with the music and its message about having room at the metaphorical inn.

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