A room of his own: formerly homeless 8 year-old reduced to tears

When Dionna lost her job as a nurse trainee, it was a real disaster. That’s no exaggeration: she and her son Daeyrs ended up homeless, bouncing from one shelter to the next. Even when they did have an actual place to stay, all they had for furniture was an inflatable mattress and a couple of chairs. Fortunately, a social worker who was assigned to their case realized that Dionna and Daeyrs would be perfect candidates for a program that could provide a roof over their heads and even more importantly, much-needed stability. Without that stability, it getting a fresh start is nearly impossible.

The social worker contacted Humble Design, a charitable organization formed in 2009 that’s dedicated to the idea that “decent families emerging from homelessness deserve to come home each day to a clean, friendly, and dignified home. All family members would have more time, effort and resources to focus on education, home life, employment and building a better future.” After Humble Design meets with prospective clients and assesses their needs, they find housing, do a few repairs, and bring in some donated furnishings and housewares.

When Dionna and Daeyrs stepped through the door, they were introduced to their new place with a simple, “Welcome home.” Daeyrs was all smiles after he saw the Christmas tree and presents. We’d expect that from an 8 year-old boy, but the fact that he was also impressed by a dining room with a table speaks volumes about the difficult life he’d been living. They people from Humble Design had him close his eyes and then led him to his room. When he opened them, he was first surprised and then reduced to tears by the sight of his very own room, complete with a bed and desk. They describe it as “a place to dream.”

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