Rooster Is Scared To Go Inside The Coop At Night. When They Found Out The Reason? OMG!

Poodle Roo is a rooster who lives on Apricot Lane Farms in California. His owners were surprised when they noticed that he had a very strange ritual during night time. All the roosters would return to the coop, but Poodle Roo would stay out in the fields. There are lots of things that can harm a blind and deaf rooster at night, but the little guy still left for the dangerous field.

Apricot Lane Farms then hired a filmmaker named John Chester to help document their rooster’s strange behavior. You are going to be shocked when you see what followed next. This short film debuted as a part of Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday,” earning Poodle Roo the title of the “Rising Strong Rooster.” This story will no doubt touch your heart.

Normally roosters will return to the safety of the coop at night, because while they are the protectors of the flock, they are no match for predators that lurk at night. But Poodle Roo would escape and go out to the pasture to sleep alone. Nightly searches for Poodle Roo got old, so they decided to put him alone in the barn.

This was fine for a while, but he seemed so lonely, so they tried putting him back in the coop once more. Something terrible happened. And then something wonderful did. You’ll have to watch this touching story to find out for yourself what happened.

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