A Rottweiler Comforts Owner With PTSD, A Touching Moment Of Love Captured.

There are many disabled war veterans out there. They may have all of their limbs intact, but their minds are more shattered than a soldier’s body after stepping on a landmine. They suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and their thoughts may be bouncing around more than a ping pong ball in a vacuum cleaner tube. They may see counsel every week, but there’s a lot of alone time and getting through that is difficult. That’s where service animals like this Rottweiler come in.

We see a veteran who goes by the name of “Brettvet” on YouTube, so I’m going to assume that his name is Brett. He gets on a bed where a giant Rottweiler is resting. The pooch has a vest on that says “Service” on it. Brett pulls the Rottweiler into a hug onto his chest. There’s no audio, but he’s talking to the dog and stroking his head. There are some times when he gets agitated and starts clapping his hands against his head.

I can’t imagine the anxiety and jumbled thoughts that Brett must be having to even contemplate doing that to himself. The dog remains calm and placid on his chest the whole time, sometimes just extending a paw to put on Brett’s arm, which elicits a smile from the war vet. The rubbing and petting then resumes, until the ex-soldier feels another panic attack coming on.

This goes on for two minutes, and it is a bit difficult to watch, but the dog knows what he’s doing to calm Brett down. There’s a lot of training that goes into something like this, and he’s showing that there’s a reason why he’s there to help the war vet. Eventually, Brett smiles, grabs the dog’s paw, shakes it, strokes his head and you can tell that he says, “Thank You” to the dog, and then gets up and walks off, while the pooch watches.

These men and women literally put themselves into danger for this country and there need to be a lot more services like this available. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.


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