A rude driver honks at an old woman crossing the street, then tastes the lady’s revenge!

Road rage has long been a topic on many psychologist’s agenda. And it not only a traffic matter. Where does all this stress come from? I don’t remember my father being this stressed. In looking for a culprit many psychologists and people from other disciplines have done many case studies, analyzing everything from sleep patterns, eating habits, work conditions and the economy in general.

There is no such thing as a single culprit. While the situation varies a great deal from person to person, my experts believe that it is a combination of many things. For starters, the way people sleep and the amount of time that they do can start to tell you the story of why people act in these new belligerent ways. It turns out that people 100 years ago slept almost 2 hours more each day in comparison to today.

These are people who work a regular schedule, which brings us to our next point, work. Work life has evolved greatly in the last few years and I would have to say it has more positives than negatives. Today, people can work in areas of the industry that were impossible many years ago. The evolution of communications has changed how people relate to each other and how they work.

A few “lucky” people get to work from the comfort of their own home, but it this really an advantage? Well, I think the biggest thing that home employees have gained from all of this, is not having to commute. I do quite a lot of work from home and I can attest to the fact that commuting is the single activity that I miss the least. Especially when the weather is not being very kind.

Driving your car back and forth busy streets and intersections is not fun. If you combine that with the sometimes very hot weather, things can get very hectic very fast. This causes people to lose their minds with the slightest interruption to their already busy day. When an extra minute or two can spell the difference between getting all green lights at the traffic light or all red ones, people get especially sensitive.

Just like the guy in the following video. He has stopped at a traffic light, so an elderly woman can cross the street. The only thing is that she is having a very hard time walking because of her condition, so she takes a couple of steps and then seems to stop for no reason. Having a very short temper, the man in the car furiously honks the horn at the elderly woman and startles her. Wait to see the woman’s comeback!