Russian Man Finds A Dog Trapped Underneath A Stone Pathway

I’m no stranger to incredible animal rescues, but what happens in this video has me really scratching my head. Since being posted by Vadim Rustam, this video has received thousands of views on YouTube and it’s no wonder why. This kind of thing definitely doesn’t happen very often.

In the video, which can be translated from Russian to English (or any other language) by clicking the wheel in between CC and the box in the right hand corner then clicking Subtitles/CC>Translate>English. We see a man who notices an animal’s cry coming from under a brick pathway of all places. According to a translation of the video’s description, an area of the pathway collapsed and went without repair for weeks. When it was finally fixed, they were told by a neighbor that the pit was deeper than it seemed. So when they heard barking from underground, they feared the worse.

Luckily, there was still enough time to help the scared animal trapped under the bricks. As the man rushed to tear up the bricks, my heart was racing. I have no idea how the dog was breathing, but thankfully he managed to climb out seemingly unharmed.

I’m so grateful for this man’s quick thinking. There’s no doubt that this dog only had a few more minutes before the unthinkable happened. I just can’t help but wonder how he got there.

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