Russian Man Goes Riding In Park. I Did A Double Take When I Saw What Was On His Back.

I admit that the first thing that I thought of when I saw this video of a cat riding on his cyclist daddy’s shoulders was “Those Crazy Russians”. Yes, a guy rides around, with spandex riding gear and all, with his cat perched on his shoulders. The cat even has a membership in the local cycling club! That’s taking bonding a little far, but hey, it’s not my cat. I also only ride an exercise bike at the gym, so… take what I say with a grain of salt.

It’s so cool though seeing Alexi, the daddy, ride around with Semyon on his shoulders. Naturally, people do a double take when they first see him. Of course, he rides fairly slowly, it’s not like he’s training for the Tour De France. Well, he might if the organizers ever add a “Feline Companion” category to the race. He’d be wearing the yellow jersey every day for sure if that were the case.

Semyon seems like he can’t get enough of the rides, which tend to span 25-30 kilometers, which is nearly 19 miles for those not using the metric system. Alexi gets to keep in shape and Semyon gets visual stimulation. It’s a win-win situation for the both of them. Well, unless a mouse happened to cross their path while riding. That could turn into a messy situation very quickly.

I could never do this with either of my cats. The chances of me bleeding out from their claw marks would be too great – one of them is scared of her own shadow and the other one can get quite jumpy sometimes too. So, Alexi can have fun with Semyon. The only exercise my cats and I will get together is when I chase them to put them into a crate to get to the vet. Then our heart rates go up.

Isn’t Semyon adorable? Did this video give you any ideas to go out with your cat? Have you done anything similar to this? Feel free to post any stories in the comments section below!

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