This Sad Goat Wouldn’t Eat ANYTHING For Days. But When His Best Friend Came To See Him? I Broke Down!

When it comes to friends we all have that one person who is the most important to us. You know who I’m talking about. That one person you have that you know you can go to no matter what time of day it is. You can tell them the most embarrassing secrets and you know they will never be repeated.

Those people whom we hold so dear to our hearts we call our best friends. Everyone should have friends but a best friend is someone that you literally don’t know what you would do if they weren’t your friend anymore. Best friends we consider family and you know that you would do anything they asked you to do, that’s what best friends are for.

Well not just people have best friends. It’s actually very common for animals to attach themselves to another animal and to spend a good deal of their time together. Sometimes the animals aren’t even the same species. That is what we see in this featured video with this unlikely pair.

In this video you will meet a goat named Mr. G. Mr. G is beast friends with a burro named Jellybean. The two have been through a lot together and consider themselves best friends. To hear the whole story behind Mr. G’s and Jellybean’s friendship watch the video below. So touching!

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