This Sad Little Pup Misses His Mom While She’s At Work. What Dad Does To Cheer Him Up Is ADORABLE!

When we bring home a puppy for the first time we feel as though we have brought home a baby. We literally act as though it is our personal child and immediately begin the spoiling and pampering. We spend every available minute with them and do everything in our power to make sure they are happy and comfortable.

Once they are home with us we make sure they are given the best food possible, let them sleep in our beds and always keep them supplied with toys and as many treats as they could ever want. Yes, we consider our puppies our babies and we don’t mind that we spoil them rotten, that’s what we’re supposed to do after all!

Well there is just one little problem when we bring home a new puppy, we eventually have to leave them. If you’ve never brought home a new puppy and then had to go back to work, then you’ve never experienced that terrible feeling that you’re abandoning your new baby. Well that is exactly what one couple went through after they brought home their new little puppy Harvey.

Harvey is a Boxer and is just as cute as he could possibly be. He is the center of their world and is one spoiled pup. Well as much as they love Harvey his mom eventually had to go back to work and when she did Harvey did not take the separation very well. Harvey laid on the couch and cried and was just so sad that his dad knew that he just had to do something about it. So he called up Harvey’s mom on the phone and let Harvey hear his moms voice and while it did seem to help you can just see how confused Harvey is.

This is one little pooch who is incredibly happy to hear his moms voice but also very confused as to how she got into the phone! This is just too cute!

Watch this adorably cute video below and see how Harvey reacts to his mom’s phone call. As always please feel free to share this video with your family and friends on social media.

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