This Sad Puppy Waits For His Human To Come Home. The Next Morning? Incredible!

There are a lot of dangerous out there on the road. It is easy to encounter any of these through no fault of your own. There could be an animal on the road, to be raining and be more slippery than you predict, can be incompetent drivers who accidentally hit you, or 20 other things that could happen that are outside of your control.

These things are truly accidents or you can do is try to be a defensive driver, and treat those hazards as real threats at the everything you can to avoid them. But there are reasons that people get to accidents that are completely of their own making.

People who drive when they know they’re overtired, people who drive on drugs, and of course people who drive under the influence of alcohol. These are all poor choices made by people that are entirely within their control. Budweiser created this video as a way of trying to combat people this using their product.

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