A Safari Caretaker Is Teaching A Rescued Pelican How To Fish. You Have To See THIS!

As we’ve seen in other occasions before, sometimes you just need a friend to get you through the rough times. In the video below, we meet “Big Bird”, a pelican who got lost and separated from his family a long time ago. When he found him, Jeffrey, the authority in camp of a safari, took him in to make sure he’d be alright. Now, Big Bird considers Jeffrey his own flock!

This is because, since he never learned many things that he would’ve learned from his pelican peers, Jeffrey was the one who had to teach him basic survival skills, such as fishing, and even flying! It was necessary because pelicans usually hunt in groups, the whole flock together, so it would be very hard for him to thrive in loneliness.

It’s been very difficult for the safari staff, but they’re not giving up anytime soon. They have developed a completely new method just for him, to teach him how to dive in the water and catch fish all by himself, with no help at all. He’s not a domestic animal, so they need to rehabilitate him before releasing him, to be sure he’s going to be safe.

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