Safari Sees Herd Of Elephants Walking Together. One Of Them Grabbed My Eye Immediately.

Nature has its genetic quirks that cross all species. There are different-colored animals throughout the entire kingdom. I’ve seen all different types of squirrels roaming around my neighborhood. I’ve even seen a black one every now and then. It’s amazing how a subtle change in a gene here or there can cause this. Then we see something incredible in this video: A safari saw an albino elephant.

Whereas the other elephants are a gray color, she’s got a pinkish hue. It’s not white, like other albino species. She is very pale though and I hope that skin doesn’t get burned from prolonged exposure to the sun. Elephants tend not to know about things like sunscreen and SPF levels. I’d hate for her life to be cut short because of something like skin cancer. Only time will tell what happens to her.

The poor thing is in for a rough time, though. Due to her albinism, her eyes are very sensitive. This is not a good development for living in a country where the sun is out a lot and there’s not much cloud cover. Her eyes never really open but she makes do with the help of the other elephants around her, who seem to sense her plight. She seems like a plucky sweetie, so I hope for the best.

There are two things that I pray never happen here. First, I pray that no idiot decides to try to take a selfie with this albino elephant. It won’t end well for all involved. Secondly, this elephant must be protected at all costs from poachers. You think someone wouldn’t pay top dollar for parts of a rare albino elephant? Greed cannot win here. She deserves a chance at a long life and I hope her herd also protects her.

What a cute elephant! I couldn’t get enough of those photos of her. What did you think of this albino elephant? We’d love to hear your opinions on this. Please leave a comment below!

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