They Said She Only Had 4 Weeks To Live: A New Mom’s Incredible Battle With Cancer

26-year-old Ashley Hallford was pregnant with her first child when a lump on the back of her head became hard and painful. “I actually discovered it right before I got pregnant, but I wrote it off to be a lymph node because it didn’t really hurt.” The pain gradually worsened, so she had her doctor examine it. It turned out to be a rare and aggressive cancer. In order for her to get proper treatment, her baby would need to be delivered early. Labor was induced at the 33 week mark. The good news was that her son was just as healthy as could be. In fact, the neonatal intensive care unit doctor told her this was the first time in his career he’d seen a baby born that early who didn’t need to stay in the unit. Two days, he was home.

Five weeks into her cancer treatment, the young woman, bursting with plans for herself, her husband David, and their newborn son, received a devastating diagnosis. The cancer had spread to her lungs, liver, and an inoperable region of her brain. Doctors expected her to live only about four weeks, even with intensive treatment. “At my church, they started praying and fasting, for the whole month. I was praying because if there was no change or things were worse, I would be out of options.”

Incredibly, the results of another round of scans indicated a total, spontaneous remission. Her cancer had vanished! Even the doctors had to admit it was nothing short of miraculous.

Two more miracles were in store for the Hallford family. Ashley had been told that because of her cancer treatments, she would never be able to become pregnant. She’s since had two more children! Ashley herself remarked, “I want to give people the strength to go on, even when it comes to infertility. And if that’s what I could do in life, I would die happy one day.”

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