They Said This Dog Would Die Of Cancer. When She Finds Out She’s Healthy, She Does THIS…

Animals getting cancer is one of those things that really makes you question just how fair the universe really is. They haven’t done anything other than show us love and provide companionship and yet still so many get taken far before their time.

Lily is a golden retriever who recently had a 6 pound tumor removed from her spleen. The veterinarian prepared Lily’s family for the worst – the inevitable cancer diagnosis. But once she actually got the call everything changed for the better!

Lily’s mom Dani decided to film the moment she told her dog the news – thankfully it was all happy. Dani was preparing for a long battle with cancer but thanks to the surgery Lily is cancer-free!

Dogs have an incredible ability to sense our emotions – Lily is no exception. At first Dani takes on a serious tone, asking Lily to sit down and prepare for some news.

Once Dani tells the beautiful golden retriever that she is cancer-free Lily couldn’t be happier, wagging her tail and shaking her head all about. You can see the joy in her eyes too, right?

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