She Said: “Let Us Pray”. But You Won’t Believe Who Joined Them! AWW

Beautiful tradition and rites are what gives strength to a family, and when it’s time to celebrate or to carry out these traditional activities, no one can be left out, not even the furry friends! As you probably already know, it’s a very common Christian tradition to pray and give thanks before having a meal as a family, at least in the United States, and it’s a practice that’s also present in many other cultures.

It’s a demonstration of gratitude and devotion, holding back on having the meal for a brief moment before having it, to show that the most important things in life are not the common pleasures like food, but the deeper and more profound concepts that bind us together.

In the following video, you’ll see a family all gathered together for an amazing dinner, and you see as they pray before starting. The family dog wanted to join them too, as he also wants to show his gratitude for the food that they give him! It’s incredible how animals can understand our customs and adopt them as their own when they’re our close friends.

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