This Shouldn’t Work, But It Does! Two Men Sing Different Hit Songs At The Same Time and It Sounds Simply Amazing!

2 men sing different songs at the same timeThere is a saying that my grandmother used to tell me, something along the lines of, “When your voice melts into theirs, you know it is meant to be”.

The video begins with two handsome young men seated side by side in a studio. They are Sam Tsui and Casey Breves, who are about to perform a mashup of two different songs, at the same time.

Theirs is; in endeavor because you would expect that this could prove to be a disaster. They are performing two big hits, Sam Smith’s, “I’m Not The Only One” and Ed Sheeran’s, “Thinking Out Loud”.

Once they have begun singing, you realize that it isn’t a disaster it proves to be a fantastic collaboration. The two talented singers don’t even harmonize; they sing their own song quite separately from each other. And yet, it all blends perfectly!

This shouldn’t work, but it does. The two hit songs are each great separately, but when the guys sing them together, they become more than the sum of the two, they sound just amazing.

The young men are both accomplished singers, and their combined renditions have a magical quality. Their video has understandably gone viral.

It must take a lot of talent to create something as unusual and as successful as this performance. These are two singers with star quality and are worth keeping an eye on. They will be going places.

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