Samoyed Puppy Stuck A Behind Gate. He Tries To Reach Ice Cube On The Other Side. Hilarious

There are many struggles we are all familiar with. Whether it be height, width or length we’ve all run into an instance where we haven’t quite been able to reach something we’ve desired. We haven’t had enough arm length to life something bulky, or even could squeeze seamlessly through the crowds or cracks of a tight fit. We’ve all missed by an inch, or maybe sometimes more like a mile. We’ve all fallen short and know how frustrating it can be. The struggle of reaching for something so close only to fall short has never been seen quite as it is with this Samoyed puppy.

Throughout his difficult day of being fluffy and adorable, we find him on the other side of a baby fence or gate, holding him trapped on one side. Yet, the object of his desire seems to be on the other side. “The grass is always greener,” may be a bit too ironic at this point. But when we see his adorable attempts and fierce determination when it comes to retrieving an ice cube from the other side of his confinement, the result is pure gold.

His hilarious attempts have us rooting for this literal “underdog.” He doesn’t give up no matter what, yet fails so many times that it is astounding. Hilarious and full of wonder, this young puppy doesn’t give in to the idea of not being able to achieve his goals and sets his sights on the task that he sees through to the very end.

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