This Samoyed’s Happy Dance Will Brighten Up Your Day

Everyone has their favorite dog breed, sure. But there’s no shortage of reasons to love Samoyeds, those big, goofy cotton balls of energy. They have the perpetually playful temperament of a teenager with the charisma and gentleness of your most loyal companion.

For those unfamiliar with these high-spirited fur-balls, allow us to share with you a few Samoyed highlights. Take Lexi, for instance, a pup so sweet that rather than wake her owner with loud barks or scratching, she merely rests her paw softly on his cheek until he’s ready to wake up and walk her. Or Solomon, whose determination to make his cat roommate like him is so great that he follows Watson around for months, until the cat finally caves and acquiesces to friendship.

With all that in mind, it should come as no great surprise that Samoyeds have something of a reputation for their happy dances. In this video, mom tells her Samoyed puppy that it’s time to take a walk. What ensues is almost two minutes of bouncing, flopping, and circling around the foyer while he waits for his human to hurry up and grab the leash. How I wish I got as stoked about exercise. You would think this dog would be exhausted after dancing around like that for so long before his walk. And why did his owners make him wait so long? I think they wanted to show us his happy dance.

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