This Sanctuary For Retired Racing Horses Saves Those Noble Creatures From The Slaughterhouse!

The world of horse racing is known since its inception because of its ruthless fast pace and the very intense, even borderline abusive training sessions and special treatments that horses receive in order to squish out every last bit of potential that they have for competition.

A race horse’s only hope was to finish their racing career in peace and retire to leave the rest of their lives in a farm, or a horse refuge somewhere. Sadly, most racing horse owners only have them because of the use that they give to them in the races, and once they’re out of their optimal physical state, they get discarded and sometimes even slaughtered for their meat.

It’s for this very reason that it’s very necessary that safe refuges for retired race horses to exist, and that’s exactly why Michael Blowen eventually got sensitive to this issue and decided to create Old Friends Farm, a retirement home for racing horses where they can live safely and with the proper care they need for the rest of their lives. The sanctuary is featured in the video we put just below, and it’s something that you do not want to miss! In a world full of insensitive people who treat animals poorly, it’s amazing that we can find organizations like this one.

Watch their amazing horse video right below.

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