Sandra Bullock Joined Tom Hanks In A Hilarious Piano Duet. Now Watch What They Did! ROTFL!

The Jonathan Ross Show is a fairly recent British talk show hosted by Jonathan Ross, of course. Its first broadcast was in September of 2011 and it’s filmed in The London Studios in London, of course (or Waterloo in Central London to be more precise).

For those who are not familiar with the show, you can get a pretty good grip on Jonathan Ross by inspecting Jonathan’s best idea when he had Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock on his show. Seriously, what do you do if you have both Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock on your show?

You ask them to play foot piano, of course! Tom Hanks has been a big fan of the foot piano since he starred in the movie Big in 1988. That’s like ages ago, before Toy Story and Forest Gump, even before The Bonfire of the Vanity (sorry Tom, the book by Tom Wolfe is much better.)

You simply can’t miss Tom Hanks playing the foot piano! You will be amazed when Tom launched into a super-fast treatment of the third movement of Mozart’s immortal Piano Sonata No 11. And then Jonathan played the same piece equally well! Unfortunately, they got caught lip-syncing (or rather foot-syncing) soon after. The audience didn’t care. They loved it anyway!

The ultimate highlight comes next. Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullocks joined forces to play chopsticks piano duet! You have to watch this find out who played the foot piano wearing 5-inch heels, or maybe 6 inches, who’s counting?