Sandra And Lizzy Performed Freestyle To Shocked Audiences. A Must-See.

I’m always fascinated when I see videos of dance routines involving a human and an animal. Yes, they may spend a lot of time rehearsing this, but an animal, no matter how smart, is still unpredictable. I admit that I watch to see if something goes wrong. That doesn’t happen in this video here. As a matter of fact, it seems like everything goes exactly right. Take a look at this and see for yourself!

We see a woman named Sandra and her Border Collie, Lizzie. They are both crouching on the floor. Then the music begins and Sandra stands up. It’s readily apparent that she has had ballet training. They work together flawlessly, and it seems like they have a very close, near telepathic bond. This is surely the result of a lot of training, but in this event, they make it look so natural and easy.

The routine is very complex and Lizzy nimbly handles things like side-stepping, walking backward, lifting her paw in conjunction with her mommy’s leg, jumping over her leg and even jumping through an improvised goal post. This certainly shows hours and hours of work between the two and today, it all pays off. I’m no judge of these sort of things, but I would give them either a 9 or a 10.

I had recently written about a dog and a woman doing a similar routine, but this one was even more choreographed and had even more tricks, especially with the jumping. I loved the end where he rested his head on her leg as the song came to an end. I hope that they won the competition or at least placed in the top three. After I finished watching this, I glanced over at my cats… and snorted. Forget about doing a routine like that with them…

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