Santa Approached Those Homeless Men. But When He Did THIS, I Couldn’t Stop Crying! TOUCHING!

Christmas is just around the corner. Most of us have already begun getting together with friends and putting up decorations for all the festivities. But many people don’t have the chance to celebrate with loved ones during the holidays, or any other time of year. There are homeless people all over the world, and the holiday season is an especially difficult time for them. According to statistics, there are 3.5 million homeless people every year in the United States alone. They include everyone from children to veterans.

Many people enjoy a cozy atmosphere at home and good Christmas food, while others don’t even have a warm coat to protect them from the bitter cold outside. There are some wonderful people who have been trying their hardest to help the homeless in our country, and one of them is featured in this clip in a big red suit.

It is going to warm your heart to see “Santa” deliver Christmas gifts to these people in need. This video is a reminder that giving is the true reward during the holidays and that there are many people in need who are truly thankful for what they receive. People get very busy during this season and we sometimes forget that not everyone wants something for Christmas. Some people actually need the basic necessities just to survive for a little while longer.

I think this clip sends a wonderful message to us all, and a reminder to help those in need all the time, not just during the holidays. Helping others is the real reward during this holiday season.

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