Santa baffled by boy’s drawing. But where to find someone who can help?

Some companies like to run a Christmas-themed commercial. It’s obviously a way to advertise a company’s products and services, but it’s also a way to wish its customers a merry Christmas.

One such company is Manor, the largest department store chain in Switzerland. It was founded in 1902 by the brothers Ernest and Henri Maus in partnership with Leon Nordmann. This year, Manor produced a charming animated Christmas advertisement. It has no words, which is just as well considering that Switzerland has four official languages! We’ve posted the ad for you below.

As you’ll see, it starts with a boy showing his parents the drawing he’s sending Santa. It’s more like abstract art than a drawing of any identifiable object and it leaves his parents completely baffled. No matter! The boy dashes out and puts it in the mailbox. Along with many others, his letter arrives at the North Pole mail and promptly gets whooshed via pneumatic tube to Santa. As he goes through his mail, the Jolly Old Elf reacts to each child’s drawing with a hearty “Ho! Ho! Ho!” But then he gets to the little boy’s rather… abstract… drawing. He’s just as puzzled as the boy’s parents. Time to hit the big, red button that stops everything at the workshop! Santa takes the drawing to a wise old elf, but he can’t find a match in his special book. Next, he runs it by Santa, Jr., his rebellious-looking teenage son. Although equipped with the latest forensic technology (microscope, computer); no luck there, either. Finally, in desperation, Santa takes the boy’s drawing to The Boss — that’s Mrs. Claus! She knows what to do. And so it was that Santa and some elves, disguised as ordinary customers, dropped by a Manor store. They show the sales clerk the drawing and she immediately knows exactly what they’re looking for. When the boy opens the present that was left under the tree, he isn’t disappointed!

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