Santa Fe Animal Shelter Set Up A Foster Program. Follow The Story Of These Kittens! INSPIRING!

In this video you will watch the story of the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and how hard they struggle to keep up with the influx of stray animals. Many of these cats and dogs that the shelter has taken in are very young. During what they describe as dog and cat season the weather is warm sparking a massive increase in breeding by these stray animals.

Thanks to some very kind people, a foster program was set up by the shelter. During the video, you’ll see the group take in five very young kittens that has no mother. A man by the name of Peter agreed to take the kittens in and give them all the milk they wanted. He has been a foster parent for quite some time and knows just what these little kittens need.

Peter says that he loves kittens and puppies and jumps at the chance to help whenever he can.

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