Santa makes an exception and a little girl gets the best gift ever

Christmas is about a whole lot more than getting and receiving gifts, but for children, gifts (especially the receiving part) are a really big deal. Their eyes light up and they grin from ear to ear when they get a present they really, really wanted. When they tear into a package and it’s just a pair of socks, well, there’s less enthusiasm. A family made one Christmas utterly unforgettable for their daughter by persuading Santa to bring her a truly amazing present. We’ve posted the delightful video they made below.

When the video begins, a little girl named Annie is outside working off some youthful energy. It’s Christmas day and there’s even a fresh layer of snow on the ground. Things are already off to a good start. There’s a large barn nearby and mom suggests, “Do you want to check and see if Santa left treats for the horses?” So she and Annie head over, although not before mom gets a couple snowballs playfully lobbed at her. A pair of cats come out to greet Annie and her mom — the door isn’t fully closed, perhaps in his haste Santa Claus neglected to close it all the way. Annie’s dad is sitting inside with a video camera at the ready, though this doesn’t seem to raise any suspicions on the little girl’s part.

There’s a gift basket nearby with some horse treats, a children’s book, and a rolled up note. Annie is actually really excited about the book, but her mother has her look at the note. She reads it aloud, with a few stumbles on the way. It takes a few seconds for the meaning of the words “I don’t usually deliver ponies for Christmas…” to sink in. Soon she’s giving her new pony a nice big hug!

Countless children have asked Santa Claus for a pony but few have received one! How did you like this little girl’s reaction to the best Christmas gift ever? Let’s hear from you in the Facebook comments and be sure to like and share.