Santa Notices A Little Girl Who Can’t Hear Him. Does Something That Amazes Everyone

There’s nothing that encompasses Christmas more than Santa. Most American children write their letter and wait for him to deliver the presents they have been waiting all year to get. Getting them is not easy either. They might have the urge to misbehave even occasionally, but they end up doing the right thing. For many children, this is the day they can forget about their school homework and enjoy being kids.

Some kids are not so lucky. There are many things that can get in the way of getting presents. For some of them, Santa doesn’t always go to where they live. Or it might be that they ask for a few things and they are lucky if they get one of them. This is something that can be as hard for children as it can be for parents. Parents get that warm feeling of joy out of seeing the happiness that these presents bring them.

Moms and dads around the world also hope that they get what they are asking for. In the cases where it doesn’t happen, you can always ask for the presents next year. Nevertheless, Santa always goes as far as he can to get everyone what they are wanting.

Writing that letter is one of the most exciting things for kids. They want to ask for so much, but they don’t want to sound greedy. I know the kids are greedy by nature. At least some of them are. A strategy that some kids use is asking for a few little gifts and maybe a big one. Santa knows which ones are going to be the best for each kid. If he feels that you need a gift that you asked for, he will give it to you.

Another effective way of reminding Santa of your wishes is to visit him at one of the many shopping centers around town. During Christmas season, Santa goes and waits for kids to sit on his lap and talk to him. Santa will ask you if you have been a good kid and what you want for Christmas. This will be your chance to tell him personally. Not that he didn’t read your letter or anything.

What happens when you’re not able to tell them personally? What if you cannot write? What if you cannot talk very well? This is something I had never thought about before seeing this video. A little girl sits on Santa’s lap and wants to tell him what she would like. The problem is she cannot speak very well because of a hearing impairment. The mother immediately tells Santa what the problem is. In the spirit of Christmas, Santa does something that no one expects and it shows everyone the true meaning of love.