Santa Wishes Johnny Cash A Merry Christmas. But When He Takes Off His Beard? So Funny!

Back in 1979, Johnny Cash was on top of the world. He was busy recording albums, writing songs, and performing for thousands of fans all over America. But to keep up with tradition, he desperately wanted to film his annual Christmas special back in Nashville where he belonged!

Alongside his beautifully talented wife June, Johnny always enjoyed performing for sold-out crowds every Christmas, along with the millions of television viewers back home, this special was set to be one of the most exciting yet. Along with his father and older brother, the Cash boys all tell stories about what it was like growing up together.

While the show has some pretty incredible musical moments, one of the funniest aspects of this whole holiday special is none other than comedian Andy Kaufman. While these two very different worlds don’t seem to fit very well, if you keep your eyes on Johnny’s reactions to Kaufman’s hilarious antics, you’ll see that these two work very well together!

Not only does Kaufman make a perfect Santa Claus, but alongside the legendary “Man in Black,” he pulls off an amazing comedic prank to set the stage for the whole night. The 1979 Christmas special was the very last CBS Christmas television special with Cash, but thankfully it was certainly one of the best.

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