Santa’s snowy footprints bring holiday joy to a cute little boy

One especially beloved Christmas Eve tradition is leaving a glass of milk and a plate of cookies out for Santa Claus. Parents explain to their kids that it’s a lot of work for Santa to travel the world delivering presents and all in the space of one night. The least people can do is leave out a refreshing snack. Part of the magic of Christmas morning for a child is finding the empty glass and plate — and, of course, a bunch of presents under the tree. For parents, it’s all about getting big smiles from their kids.

The parents of a little boy named Archie came up with an extra-special Christmas morning surprise. When he got up, they told him he should have a look around the house. Dressed in really cute (and festive) elf pajamas, Archie came down the stairs and found suspicious snowy footprints leading from the front door into the living room. Santa was in such a hurry to get all the presents delivered that he didn’t even have time to stomp and scrape the snow off his boots! Archie follows the footprints and when his parents turn the living room lights on, a whole bunch of presents are revealed. He’s left squealing with joy. “It’s all for me ?” His mom confirms, “It’s all for you. Santa’s been.” After asking if he can open it all now, and being told he can, Archie high-fives his mom and dashes over to the pile of presents. It’s hilarious the way he’s so overwhelmed and jumping up and down with glee.

Archie also notices that Santa ate the slice of pie left out for him. He and mom then follow the footprints to the front door and have a look outside and discover that the reindeer ate the carrots that were left out for them!

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