When Sarah McLachlan and Pink team up to sing a classic, the result is this masterpiece!

How can you tell if two singers are going to produce a great singer as a duet? For many years, this has been in many producers’ heads. They often will bring two singers that sing the same type of music together to produce the hit single. But this does not always work this way. I saw this in practice when the first duets record of Frank Sinatra come out.

That record was the first duet record I ever bought. It had many collaborations with many interesting artists. One of the duets that I liked the most, was the one Sinatra did with Julio Iglesias. They both have a lot in common although it might seem like they do not. They are both regarded as ladies’ men and have very solid careers (well, Sinatra did until he passed away).

Julio Iglesias’s road to stardom started in the most unexpected way. It almost didn’t happen. Not many people know this, but he used to be a professional soccer player. He sustained an injury that sent him to the hospital and it was in the hospital that he grabbed a guitar for the first time with the intent of singing. He wasn’t planning to start a career but only used it as a form of therapy.

As soon as his teammates heard him sing they were in awe. They all suggested that he consider a career in music. Besides, it would provide a way for him to make a good living without putting his health at so much risk. So, as soon as Julio could leave the hospital, he started singing. His voice was so likable that he started becoming famous before he could realize what was going on.

It was not the only duet in that record that I found fascinating. The other one was the one that Sinatra did with Bono from U2. Their music could not be more different. One of them was this classy ballad icon and the other was an established rock star. But the way they sounded together… I never knew Bono could sing ballads like that. It was a pleasant surprise, to say the least.

Another iconic duet that was also surprising was the one in the following video. And in this song, you also find two singers that have very different styles that blend in and sound fantastic together. They are Sarah McLachlan at the piano and vocals and Pink singing! Sarah starts the song in her usually velvety way and is soon joined by Pink who gives the song the slightly raspy sound she is famous for. You must listen to this!