Saskatoon Police Officers Are Called In For A Safety Escort. The Group They Protected? GOODNESS!

It was a warm day in Saskatoon, Canada, and people were milling around. Suddenly, they saw police officers walking around, stopping traffic to certain places. Hmmm. Was there an important person visiting? Trudeau? No, there was nothing on the news about that. A celebrity? No gossip circulating. Then they saw two officers on a bike, seemingly leading an escorted parade. A closer look showed that they were helping a mother duck and her little ducklings to a river where they could learn to swim.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when this phone call came in. “Saskatoon Police…. Yes, how can we help you? You’d like us to dispatch officers to escort WHAT? Is this a joke? Really? What’s that, Frank? Other messages? About the same thing? OK… we’ll send a couple of officers over to do that. You’re lucky that’s a slow day.”

Usually mother ducks can lead their babies to a place to learn to swim just fine on their own, but sometimes their home can also be a bit far away from a water source, and it can be quite dangerous, in a large, urban environment, to get from point A to Point B. Saskatoon has a lot of cars driving around and the potential for inadvertent tragedy is high, unfortunately.

It must have been nice for the police officers to do something different apart from their usual duties to uphold the peace. There were no fights to try to break up, no murders to investigate… it was just them helping some cute, fuzzy ducks go from one place to another. Though I would place good odds on them getting a call in as soon as the ducks got in the water: “We need you. There’s a 100-person fight a couple of blocks away. Seems like someone got mad about having to wait for the ducks to cross…”

I was grinning ear-to-ear the whole time this video played. Were you smiling, too? Let us know in the comments!

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