A sassy 2-year-old doesn’t like daddy playing her maracas. Watch how she lets him know!

Baby videos are among the funniest out there. With a plethora of them coming out each day, it’s tough to pick only one compilation. Babies have the funniest reactions to the most ordinary things. Baby videos can be more than funny, they can be heart-warming too. I remember one video where you can see three babies who are playing in their cribs.

The clock signals the time to go to bed, it’s around 9 pm. The babies’ mother goes up to their room and gets ready to send them to bed. What comes after is the cutest thing ever. She gets to the boy’s room and says, “OK, guys. Time to go to bed.” As soon as she says this, each one of the boys closes his crib and lies down waiting for the mother to turn off the light.

I don’t know how she did it, but I would sure like to. I have a very hard time getting my own kids to bed. And they’re not afraid of the dark, either. Some kids will tell you to leave the light on until they go to sleep. At least, mine did until very recently. This was a lesson for all us dads and moms. I wonder if I could message her for some tips?

Another funny video that I saw was one with a couple of twins. They were sitting and had some toys lying around that they were playing with. The funny thing about this video is that they looked to be having a conversation using ‘baby words’. The made gestures when they were “talking” to each other and the other twin would acknowledge with a gesture, or at least that’s what it looked like.

The boy’s parents say that it’s their way of communicating. The parents have tried to mimic the sounds they make to try to see if they can also get the same reaction, but apparently, it doesn’t work that way. It only works when they use it. They use this language to ask each other for toys or to get the other one to pass a given object.

The next baby video is like nothing I have ever seen. A father is chilling on the couch when he sees his baby’s maracas. The father picks them up and decides to start playing them, but his baby daughter is very protective of her toys. She doesn’t want anyone but her playing with them. She uses a very funny way of letting him know that it’s her toys. Check it out!