Sassy Dads Perform Alongside Their Talented Daughters

Cheerleaders team up with their dads for an electrifying dance routine. No one was expecting the surprise halftime of this college game, nor the striking solo performance by the fathers that followed.

Dance Dawgs of the University of Georgia are an all-girls dance group, performing spirited dance routines at various events while also holding dance clinics for local kids. Only the highest-skilled dancers make it onto their team after each annual tryout. The current members come from Ohio, Kentucky, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, and Georgia.

Backed by their fathers, each wearing University basketball jerseys, the cheerleaders got everyone in on the home game action with perfectly choreographed routines. They danced to upbeat tunes, including ‘Kiki, Do You Love Me?’, showing off a brilliant collaboration. Yet, it is was the all-dad free dance routine that truly won over everyone’s hearts—what a show.