Or Lazmi Has Raised These Lions Since They Were Cubs; Now They Treat Her as Their Leader

The friendship that a person can get to have with animals is definitely one of the most fascinating and beautiful things in this world. Though there are countless animal species that have been endangered and affected negatively by human action, thankfully, there are also thousands of people who work for stray pets and wild animals in amazing organizations that save their lives.

Or Lazmi is one of these people. She was always fascinated by wildlife while growing up, and after becoming a professional, she achieved her long-time dream of working with cute animals every day. She works in a private animal reservoir in South Africa, and while working there, she’s had the opportunity to work face to face with one of the most intimidating animals out there: Lions. But unlike what you would normally expect, her job isn’t actually scary or dangerous at all!


Lazmi helped raise a bunch of lions since they were little cubs, and now that they’re all grown up, they respect her as if she was part of their pack. In this particular clip, you can see her hanging out with one adult male lion. She feels perfectly comfortable being with him, even if he’s absolutely huge, and you won’t believe the way the lion responded to her.

This video, provided through Animal Planet, is a fascinating look at human and wildlife interaction. It is particularly special as Or was able to raise these lions since they were cubs and their interaction is beautiful to see. Lazmi is at ease, though clearly alert, with these kings of the jungle.

At the time of writing this, the video has had over 56 million views – it appears there are a lot of people around the world who are fascinated by these amazing creatures and the relationship they share with humans.

Or Lazmi Has Raised These Lions Since They Were Cubs; Now They Treat Her as Their Leader