He Sat Down On His Towel To Relax, When A Deer Came Up To Him

Animals can act a very strangely sometimes, and this can mean something is wrong or that they are ill. You never know what you can expect from them, but in this clip something truly unexpected happens when this man meets a deer. Sometimes you get to see tiny chickens trying to maim a person, while sometimes you have a chance encounter with a dog riding a bike. Both are very strange encounters. But the guy featured in this video had an even stranger experience. He had a weird meeting with a majestic deer.

This guy was getting ready to unwind and relax on his beach towel when suddenly something unexpected happened. An unlikely visitor, namely a “John Deer”, showed up at the scene! This video appropriately titled “Oh Deer” shows what followed after. The beautiful deer seemed very fascinated with the young man and it is hilarious to see their interaction! Unfortunately, this friendly deer was euthanized after this event because he was being too friendly and had unpredictable behaviour, which lead animal authorities to believe that the deer actually was ill. Always be cautious when approached by a wild animal, even if he does seem friendly and harmless.

Watch this in the video! Has something like this ever happened to you? Let us know in the comments section! We’d love to hear from you! And even though it wasn’t a happy ending for the deer, this encounter between this man and the deer is truly unique and deserves to be shared.

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