He Saved This Baby That Was Abandoned In The Woods! You Wouldn’t Believe How This Ended!

A fourteen-year-old boy, Dave Hickman loved to go out and hunt with his grandfather. The two would spend an entire day in the woods. They bonded over conversations they shared during these moments. But one day, the unthinkable happened. While hunting, Dave heard a startling sound coming from the forest.

He investigated and took a closer look. That’s when he found her. A baby girl had been abandoned in the woods. She was extremely cold and was wrapped in an old, wet towel. Without hesitation, Dave grabbed her and immediately tried to warm her up. She was in danger of hypothermia.

Weeks later the babe was adopted, Dave, who had grown very fond of the infant, was heartbroken. However he knew that she would be better off with them. Dave spent the rest of his life moving forward, but he couldn’t shake a strange feeling.  He had been deeply marked by this event! He wanted to see the little girl that he found in the woods one last time. He wanted to know how she was doing, and if she turned out alright.

In the video below, Dave finally reunites with the baby he saved 58 years prior, and it will warm your heart.

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