She Saved The Deer’s Life, And Watch What The Animal Did In Return

Back in the summer of 2004, Melanie Butera, a professional veterinarian, received one of the most unusual patients she has ever held in her office. Veterinarians work with all kinds of domestic animals but it is very rare to have a wild one come into their office. On this day, a unique patient entered this veterinarian’s off. It was a blind fawn who was later named Dillie. The beautiful story is named “Love on Tiny Hooves”, and it shows how the poor fawn who was on the verge of losing his life eventually recovered and became a strong deer. She would have never made it on her own, but thanks to this amazing animal doctor, she was able to be happy again.

A mother deer will often abandon her fawn if there is some reason she believes it will not survive, and that’s what happened to Dillie. But Dillie was found and rescued by some kind people and Dillie is now an essential part of the family. She’s another sibling for the rest of them. She’s like any other pet to the couple that adopted her, and they care for her as if she was their own child. She likes to eat candy, play with her dad, and even enjoys of her own space in the house, since her beloved parents prepared it just for her.

Watching this whole family together is one of the most touching experiences I could ever describe. The mother of the family, Melanie, has been struggling with stage 4 cancer for a while now, and thanks to Dillie, she’s been able to appreciate every moment of her life with unending joy. Two lives were saved when this family rescued Dillie.

Watch this tearful story in the video right below.

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