She Saved This Deer’s Life. But Watch What the Deer Does in Return? PRICELESS!

Deer and cancer survivor storyThey called the veterinarian to look at an unusual patient: a blind, dying fawn named Dillie. The veterinarian and her husband nursed little Dillie to health, but her journey has only just begun. Her story is one of survival, love, and healing.

The poor fawn couldn’t have survived the night on her own, but thanks to the love provided by this couple from Canal Fulton, Ohio, she recovered tremendously.

This story, titled “Love on Tiny Hooves,” shows us a glimpse into the lives of Butera and her husband and the pet they decided to adopt into their family. 

Dillie has become an integral part of their family now. She is treated like a child by the couple. She loves lollipops, she plays games with her dad, and she also has her own bedroom in the house.

In this clip, you can hear Melanie’s account of how Dillie came to be in their lives. She wrote a book about the experience of finding Dillie and how this tiny, blind deer became so much more than the beautiful family pet.

Melanie was diagnosed with cancer just before they found Dillie. Watching this couple together with Dillie is heartwarming! Melanie has been battling stage 4 cancer, but she says that Dillie taught her that “every life is a gift.” She feels that while she saved the Dillie’s life, Dillie repaid her by saving hers.

They care for Dillie as if she were their child, taking her for walks outside, no leash necessary. Because Dillie is blind and tame, she doesn’t run away. Now, Dillie—who snacks on lollipops and has her own bedroom in their house in Canal Fulton, Ohio—is a daily source of comfort and love to her adoptive family. It’s a beautiful story.

UPDATE: Melanie is in remission. The cancer is gone. 🙂

She Saved This Deer’s Life. But Watch What the Deer Does in Return?  PRICELESS!