After Being Saved From Horrible Treatment, This Adorable Baby Orangutan Finds New Hope!

Wild animals should not be kept in captivity by anyone that comes across them, because their needs are far too specific and difficult for any common person to provide, and the preservation of species is a priority above everything else. Animals like the baby orangutan in the clip below are better in the care of professionals, because if not, they are exposed to unimaginable dangers.

She was rescued in the most strange circumstances, for example. She had a wound on her head, which her alleged owner said happened after he rescued her when her mother abandoned little Rickina in front of him. Knowing that a mother orangutan would never leave her own child like that, they took her in so she could be in better hands and in safety of abuse and bad treatment.

Primates need their mother to develop properly and learn to behave as they should, so Rickina had to be put in special care for her safety and wellbeing. Her video has gone viral quickly, and thousands of people have already fallen in love with her and her impressive story! Thanks to these kind people, she was able to recover and be put in safe hands again.

Watch her touching story right below!

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