Saved One Hour Before Being Euthanized!

Dr. Matt from Vet Ranch loves to save animals, and we love to watch him. He has a dog in his care that he got only moments before he begins filming. This dog was in the shelter with very damaging wounds. When the doctor gets the dog under anaesthesia, he realizes that the dog was probably attacked by another dog. He has a four-inch gash in one side of his neck that is bleeding profusely, and he has to go ahead and fix the dog. The dog needs several stitches.

Because the dog came into the shelter without a vet and without anything known about him, the shelter put him on the kill list. The poor dog was about an hour shy of losing his or her life when he was rescued and brought to Dr. Matt. Fortunately, this dog is going to be healthy and happy, and he will one day have a happy home.

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