He saved a lion cub – This is their touching reunion.

Lions are amongst the most beautiful cats in the world. They are large, fierce and deadly. When someone likes these animals was to work with them, he or she must move to a place like
Africa. Valentin Gruener is a German resident who discovered from a very early age that he loved cats. He liked everything about their behavior. Their strategy when hunting the way, they establish their hierarchy.

He started reading them scratch that he started reading about them at a very early age. He also started to take care of injured animals from his own home. He was dreaming of becoming a wildlife veterinarian. When he grew older, he knew exactly the place where he would travel to get to work with them. The first-place he visited was Canada. He started working at an oil field. After a brief stay in Canada, he decided it was finally the time for him to make his dream true. He traveled to Namibia in Africa.

While he was there he met Mikkel Legarth from Denmark. They both share a passionate interest for cats. They decide to start a wilderness project. Their focus would be creating awareness and respect between people and nature. They also hope this helps to create a stronger bond between both species.

They named their project the Modisa Wildlife Project. It now works as the main form to conserve wildlife in Botswana. During the last few decades, wildlife in Botswana has gone down 60% due to poaching. Other factors that have contributed to this is lack of prey and the expectation of nature by humans. They are both working hard to break this trend. Thanks to their efforts, more and more people are starting to become aware of their organization.

Four years ago, Valentin was working when he spots a very interesting thing that catches his eye. He is not sure of what it is but decides to get closer to find out. What he finds is an abandoned lion cub out there in the wild. She was maybe only 10 days old. He looks for her mother but is not able to find her. He names the lion cub, Sirga. If he doesn’t find her mother, Sirga will probably die.

Valentin decides to feed Sirga a mixture of cream, milk, eggs, and vitamins on a drip. This, of course, created a very important bond between them. When she was rescued, Sirga Wade only 20 pounds. Now she weighs close to 100. She is now living a happy life and probably forgotten the man who rescued her. One day, Valentin finds out where she’s being kept in he goes to visit her. What happens next will shock you!