Fisherman Sees Drowning Deer in the Ocean – and Drags Her to Shore to Save Her Life

Nothing like being out in the open air and fishing with your buddies right? It’s usually not at all about what you catch or how big it is, but the company you keep and the relaxation. You can also never tell what mother nature might have up her sleeve to throw at you on any given outing.

I’ve sat and listened to fisherman tales, some true, most probably not, about unexpected catches that were made. However, this story is so completely over the top and crazy that no one would ever believe it if this group of guys, fishing out on Long Island Sound didn’t capture the event on video.


It seemed like a run of the mill, normal fishing trip for Rob Kurdy and his usual crew of fishing buddies until one of them spots something that absolutely does not fit. Wait until you see them decide to take a closer look and they find a deer!

The scared animal was fighting to stay above water. No one knows how the deer ended up in the surf exactly. Maybe he was looking for a drink and suddenly got caught up in the undertow. No matter how it happened, Rob saw it and instantly knew that something had to be done.

Nobody knows how long the deer was struggling to stay alive, but in the video below you will see the amazing rescue performed by Rob and his friends. I was floored by this video, not only because of the absolute surprise of it but because of the incredible kindness is shown.

Fisherman Sees Drowning Deer in the Ocean – and Drags Her to Shore to Save Her Life