After Saving Them From A House Fire, Air Force Pilot Reunites With His 3 Dogs!

An Air Force Pilot went through a real hell in life when an accidental house fire started on his home. While he was away working at the MacDill Air Force Base, an accidental blaze got to his home, where his three puppies were currently by themselves. When he got there, the fire had already spread, and thankfully, he was able to retrieve his dogs unharmed from the fire. The problem was all the smoke they inhaled during the house fire, and being aware of this, he rushed them to the veterinary hospital so that they could give them the immediate treatment they needed.

Alex Rodriguez, the brave pet owner who saved his puppies, recalls on the following video, the vets said that it would get worse before the doggies could recover, and it was a huge shock for him. He never expected the damage would be so serious, and he didn’t know what would follow next. But because of the veterinarian’s help and the quick response that Alex had, rushing them to the hospital instead of taking it lightly, the puppies were able to recover and live normal lives after that.

You can watch the full story in the video just below.


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